Iwan Rheon

Iwan Rheon
This is probably how you picture him.

Iwan Rheon, better known as the shy, invisible one from Channel 4’s Misfits, has released an E.P., and if you are thinking that he is just another actor trying to sing, then you are dead wrong.

Although the E.P., called Tongue Tied,  is only 4 tracks long it shows incredible talent and versatility, with each song holding on to a slightly different feeling. Some songs have a funky, fun edge while others take on a darkly romantic slant. Tongue Tied shows more originality in 4 tracks than most bands can muster up on an album.

Iwan being much more handsome.

Tongue Tied really displays Iwan’s vocal talent, brimming with power and range. All the tracks are neatly put together, as they should be because apparently the E.P. was produced by Oasis's Paul Arthurs.

It is only an E.P so that means we have space to talk about all the songs.

Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied is the title track and is a really great song. It is the fastest and most rock and roll of the four songs. It’s one of the best examples of Folk/Pop that has come out in a long while. 

It falls a little bit flat at some points and isn’t quite rocky enough to be perfect, but it is a fantastic first single.

Simple Song

I know that Simple Song is supposed to be a romantic song, but for some reason it makes me feel quite sad. Something in Iwan’s voice feels so melancholic.

It’s a great song for demonstrating Iwan’s versatility when played after a rockier song like Tongue Tied.

Follow Me

Follow Me is my favourite of the four tracks. I can’t help but think that if Iwan didn't have such a nice voice this would be an incredibly boring song, but because of his textured vocals the song works really well.

It’s impossible not to draw a comparison to Mumford and Sons when writing about a song like this, and although it does sound like a Mumford and Sons song, it’s a lot better. Mumford and Sons wish they wrote this song.

Happy Again

The real draw for me in this song is the guitar, it just seems playful and fun, if a bit simple. There’s not a lot to say about Happy again, its still a good song, but not quite as good as the other songs from the E.P

There has been no word as to an album, but Iwan apparently will begin touring shortly, so that's a good sign. 

Let me know what you think about the E.P. in the box below.

By Charlie Craven

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