The Broken Family Band

The Broken Family Band.

The Broken Family Band

The Broken Family band formed in 2002 and quickly put an eclectic variety of records. Never wanting to be put down in to one category The Broken Family Band have been Counry, Folk, Rock, Pop and Indie. 

The band formed for fun and never intended to play more than a few gigs. On top thier diverse mix of songs the band also manage to inject a fun in to most of there songs. Never taking them selves to seriously gives there genre hopping songs a certain charm.

The bands five albums made great waves, there first mini-album even getting a nod from john peel. The first album, hilariously titled ‘welcome home, loser.’, is the most bluesy of the four. As an album it might not suit all tastes, but does contain some of the best songs the band ever did.

One of the best songs is 'Devil In The Details.'

Devil in the Detail is one of the sweet songs that helped take off in the early years, but it was on the live circuit that really got the band noticed. The band turned heads while headlining End Of The Road festival in 2007. And as a live band they are one of the best

Each of the bands albums are brilliant, but each very different from the last, here Is a quick run down of the best track from each album.

The Last Song - Welcome Home, Loser.

This is quite a sad song, when the band started they didn’t know that they would be going to make quite a name for themselves. Its possible that when this song came out writer and singer Adam Steven thought that this might be the last song he would perform.

It’s a great song to show off the poetry that comes though Adam’s lyrics.

Its All Over - Balls.

From an album with perhaps the best name of any album ever, balls, comes Its All over. Its one of those songs that sounds nice but isn’t. written about a break up it manages to tell the story of being madly, wildly in love at the start and hating each other by the end. It brings a really clean sound for most of the song that then erupts towards the end in blaze of sound.

Leaps - Hello Love.

Leaps shows that the band can pull off a faster, more fun song. Adam’s voice still has that wonderful expressive quality that it had in the last two albums, but it still works in the jauntier tune. The song also comes with a hilarious video

Salivating - Please And Thank you

This is the first single from the album and its nice to see the transition from the very folksy first albums to now a very different sound. Its hard for a band to make a switch like that, but Salivating is proof that that is something the Broken Family Band is capable of.

At The Back Of The Chapel - Cold Water Songs.

Cold water songs is the last album the band released before breaking up to focus on solo projects, and is made up of the songs the band recorded though out the years but never put on an album, so I don’t really know when this song was recorded. It sounds it hits between there new and old stuff, a folk song given a rock make over.

by Charlie Craven.

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